Ghostly Excursions, have teamed up with Pennhurst to bring you Pennhurst ParaCon on August 18-19 Special guest appearances by Grant Wilson, John Zaffis,  Eric Altman, The Mountain Gypsies, Roslyn Bown Lewis, Michael Lewis, Jessica Felice, Frank Cinelli, Marc Arvilla, John Ruggerio and Shawn Anthony.

There will be Hot air Balloon rides, Golf cart Historic And Photo tours, circus acts as well as so many vendors, lectures and mini ghost hunts at. 1/2 hour intervals, during day investigating Mayflower Basement-newly opened (3) Mayflower, Deven, and Philadelphia TUNNELS, as well as photo tours.

There will be night Investigations if the same tunnels and Mayflower for Friday night with Grant Wilson making an appearance.Saturday night will have appearances by both Grant Wilson and John Zaffis.

general Admission is $20 per day or $35 for both all other tours, hunts balloon rides and mini ghost hunts will be available for purchase on the website.